Industrial Data Labs Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Round to Drive Innovation in Industrial Sales Processes with Applied AI

Thank you PVF Industry and Community!

To each member of the PVF community, our dedicated partners, and the supportive team at the PVF Roundtable Charitable Foundation: Your trust in our vision is both our motivation and our responsibility.

With the recent funding, we’re poised to advance immense value not just for our customers but for the entire PVF community. The horizon is filled with potential, and I’m deeply honored to be navigating these transformative times alongside each one of you.

I want to extend special recognition to our industry visionaries: Jesse Jones, Thomas Harris, and Stephen Adcock from QRC Valve Distributors, LLC, as well as Garrett Ezell and Simone Brevi of OMB Valves. Your foresight, commitment to advancing new technologies, and unwavering belief in innovation are foundational in shaping a dynamic PVF Industry. Together, with your partnership, we’re spearheading a more efficient, integrated, and technologically-advanced future. 🙏

Here is the press release: